Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist


Let’s face it – the first dentist visit can be just as nerve-wracking for Mom as it is for the little one sitting in the chair. And the last thing moms need is an added bit of stress, right? Ease your mind a little by choosing a pediatric dentist, who is specially trained and equipped for treating young patients.

While general dentists can perform the same work, visiting a pediatric dentist provides a slew of extra benefits:

  • Office Décor 

The dentist is scary enough. No need to add the extra trauma with stark white walls offset only by the shiny instruments. Since pediatric dentists see only young patients, their office décor will be bright, colorful, and eye-catching to kids.  With any luck, there will be plenty of distractions to keep your child’s mind off of the actual appointment.

BONUS: It’s likely that a pediatric dentist will have a wider selection of toys in the waiting room. Finally, a minute to sit down for Mom!


  • Better Training

Kids aren’t always the most cooperative of patients.  A pediatric dentist has at least two additional years of training beyond dental school solely focused on treating young patients. (Training for dealing with uncooperative kids?! Where can moms sign up for that?)

In the additional training, they focus on child psychology, growth, and development, and learn all of the tips and tricks of the trade for examining and treating children.


  • Specialized Treatment

In the unfortunate circumstance that your child needs more comprehensive dental treatment, pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle problems particular to kids, such as developmental difficulties and root canals.

  • Oral Health Care Education

Even general dentists provide oral health care education to kids — running through how to brush their teeth, flossing techniques, good foods to eat for your teeth, etc. But since pediatric dentists work solely with kids, they have this spiel down pat.  Even more, they have props and teaching tools that are appropriate for children.