How To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Brushing teeth may not me the most fun activity for everyone, but it is a very important one. We want your younger ones to keep up with brushing and enjoy doing it so their teeth can shine bright. Without further ado, here are some ideas to get your child looking forward to their next teeth brushing session:

Set an examples

Give something your kids to look up to when practicing good oral hygiene. Giving compliments can also motivate them to keep after their chompers daily. [to be continued]

Offer rewards

Offering fun incentives or prizes for brushing can keep your kids on their toes to always brushing on time and effectively for a brighter, healthier smile. [to be continued]

Turn it into a game

[to be continued]

Make brushing time family time

Make the most out of whatever family bonding time you can get! This can involve a family gathering in the bathroom before bed or in the morning to brush away those germs by playing music and dancing to the beat together. [to be continued]

Let them choose a cool toothbrush

[to be continued]