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Pediatric Dentists Make a Difference

Ensuring good dental health from birth to age 18.

With complete training in general dentistry and specialized graduate study in pediatric care, the professionals at Pediatric Dentistry of Florida have the knowledge and experience to serve all of your children.

We are happy to welcome new patients to our practice. Once you visit, we are sure that you will appreciate our fun and kid-friendly approach to preventive and restorative care and dental health education.

The first time a new patient visits Pediatric Dentistry of Florida, we always start off with digital x-rays. These detailed images allow us to have a comprehensive look into the mouth’s overall health.

From our review of your child’s digital x-rays, we can diagnose current issues and any emerging complications that need early intervention. You’ll get to see the digital x-rays too and we’ll discuss a game plan for any treatment needs. As important as it is for our young patients to be happy and comfortable, we feel the exact same way about parents.

Following the digital x-rays and consultation, your child will have their teeth cleaned alongside other children having the same treatment. They’ll be comfortably positioned on kid-friendly seats while one of our team members cleans and polishes their teeth to a bright shine. We also apply a refreshing fluoride treatment to prevent cavities, and educate your kids on proper brushing and dental care techniques.

To ensure that their teeth remain in ideal health, we like to have each child visit us twice a year. This gives us an opportunity to maintain their dental health with regular preventive care and periodic assessments of any changes that we need to keep an eye on.

It’s always a fun experience at our office and your children will enjoy spending time with us. We’re a unique dental office that caters to our patients and patient families.

New Patient Paperwork

We encourage you to download and complete the following forms to bring to your first appointment. It will speed up the check-in process and allow you to concentrate on your child’s experience at our office.

Please fill out /print our new patient form found here and bring it with you upon your first visit at one of our locations.