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The Link Between Headaches & Bite Misalignment

Adults aren’t the only ones who get headaches. Kids get headaches, too. There are lots of things that cause headaches – tension, anxiety, illness, etc.[…]

A Brief History of Toothpaste

Today, toothpaste has color, flavor, sparkles, whiteners, and more. Each member of your family can choose the toothpaste type they like best. But it wasn’t[…]

Mouthguards are a Must

The leaves have fallen and winter is here. With the change in season, contact sports like basketball, wrestling and hockey have taken center stage. These[…]

Top 7 Reasons Why a Baby’s Oral Health Care Should Begin at Birth

Most American caregivers don’t realize that cavities are nearly 100 percent preventable, according to a survey of American children’s oral health by Delta Dental Plans[…]

Top 5 Reasons Why Early Dental Visits are Important

Most American children don’t see their family dentist until they are over 3 years old, far later than is recommended by both dental and medical[…]

The Toothbrush: From Horsehair to Heroes

Even our ancient ancestors – primitive though they were – recognized the need for good dental hygiene. At least that’s what archeologists believe the chewed[…]

Dentists’ candy buyback nets over 400 pounds of sweets

Pediatric Dentistry of Ft. Myers, Dr. Tim Verwest, DMD collected over 400 pounds of candy during their Halloween cash for my candy buyback program. The[…]

Five Ways to Help Your Children Brush Better

Poor and infrequent brushing may be some of the biggest obstacles preventing children in the United States from having good oral health. That’s one of[…]

Make Dentist Visits the Rule for Back-to-School

Along with an annual physical, clothes and backpacks, Delta Dental suggests adding a visit to the dentist to your child’s back-to-school list this fall. Dental[…]

Pediatric Dentistry of Ft. Myers raises $11,000 for ACT

Pediatric Dentistry of Ft. Myers Snow Day raised over $11,000 dollars for the Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc (ACT) on October 3, 2015. Pediatric Dentistry[…]