Brianna Baker – Employee Spotlight


Brianna Baker presses and answers a call for the busy pediatric dentist practice she calls home. “Thank you for calling Dr. Verwest’s office, how may I help you,” moments before she had just taken payment for a young ladies six-month checkup. This is the life of multi-tasking at its finest. Prior to becoming a valuable team member at Pediatric Dentistry of Ft. Myers, Brianna waited tables at the popular Two Meatballs in the Kitchen, a place she credits for developing her customer service and communication skills, saying, “{I} was able to meet and talk with people from all walks of life.”

Brianna begun her rise to the front office after working for almost a year as the lobby greeter of the practice. To be fair, she was a jack of all trades, having a few dental presentations to local schools under her belt, multiple event participation, and in office nuances of how a practice operates. “She really was one of our shining stars in the lobby, she deserved a chance to grow professionally with us,” said Jeffrey Shafer, director of marketing for the practice.  Brianna finds great rewards in working with children and hopes to continue to learn more about successfully being a business owner through Dr. Verwest’s leadership.

When Brianna is not sorting through charts, scheduling appointments, or doing the smaller things that matter, you can find her out on the water, probably fishing her heart out. One day, she hopes to be able to swim with sharks (hopefully in an aquarium), because swimming with an apex predator in the wild is just a little too dangerous for this writer. Next time you give us a ring and Brianna answers, ask her if she’s caught any snook, red fish, or trout lately. She may have even bagged her first tarpon.



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