Make Oral Care Cool for Kids and Teens

Making Oral Care For Kids Cool

As kids come into their own, they’re more conscious than ever of how their bodies are changing. And that includes their mouths. In fact, common teenage concerns can include braces, bad breath and teeth whitening. Oral-B can help you create an oral care routine to address your teen’s concerns and lifestyle.

Children and teens love gadgets, so they may be excellent candidates for electric flossers, such as the Oral-B Hummingbird. Electric flossers are helpful for older adults who may have trouble handling floss, but children and teens may find them just cool enough that they are more motivated to floss. Electric toothbrushes can also make oral care more appealing to children and teens. And remind your on-the-go kids that they can keep some regular floss in a gym bag and use the electric flosser at night, in the morning before school or whenever they’re more likely to remember to get that daily flossing done.

Some electric flossers have ergonomic handles, and you can find electric toothbrushes and flosses in a variety of sizes and shapes. The important thing is to let your child or teen choose the flosser. If they like it, they will be more likely to use it. As with an electric toothbrush, an electric flosser may help promote healthier gums by stimulating the gum tissue. Even younger children can use electric flossers, although they should use them under adult supervision.

A floss threader is another handy gadget that may appeal to children and teens who wear braces. This device makes it easier to thread floss under the main wires of braces. A threader looks like a needle, and works basically the same way: Insert the floss through a loop on the end, and slide the threader under the wire. Note to adults: Threaders work well if you have a dental bridge, too.



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