Orthodontic Treatments

Crowding of The Teeth

The patient started treatment at age 11 and wore braces for 26 months. He loves his new smile.

Open Bite – Front Teeth Don’t Touch

The patient sucked her thumb as a young child. She started treatment at age 13. She had braces and a special appliance — called a crib — to retrain the tongue, for 28 months. Now she can bite the lettuce out of a sandwich

Deep Overbite – Lower Front Teeth Bite into Palate

This adult patient, age 25, required braces and jaw surgery to correct his severe overbite, with treatment taking two years. His problem could have been corrected without surgery if he had been treated before he was a teenager.

Underbite – Lower Front Teeth in Front of Upper Teeth

The patient’s underbite was causing her jaw joint discomfort and excessive wear patterns on her teeth. After about 30 months of treatment starting at age 32, she now finds smiling and chewing much easier.

Overjet – Protruding Front Teeth

At age ten, the patient had a big overjet with the top teeth protruding beyond the bottom. She had two phases of treatment. The first helped her jaws to grow more harmoniously and the second aligned her teeth and bite. At age 13, she was proudly displaying her new smile.

Posterior Crossbite

The patient top back teeth sit inside the bottom back teeth. Misalignment is due to the irregular narrowing of the palate and teeth in the upper jaw. This can develop on one side or both sides of the mouth and can be corrected with our treatment recommendations.




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