Smile Sponging: Dental Activity for Kids

Try our smile sponging dental activity for kids! Teach children all about their smile while working on their counting skills.

MATERIALS: Red or Pink Construction Paper, Printer, Sponges, Scissors & White Paint.

FireShot Capture - Smile Sponging_ Dental Activity for Kids_ - http___starsmilez.com_smile-sponging_

1. Print the large image of our smiling mouth on a red or pink piece of construction paper. (Click here for the template.)
2. Cut the sponge into different sized square pieces.
3. Have children sponge paint 10 upper teeth and 10 lower teeth into the mouth or have them count their own teeth and try to make it match their own smile.
4. Make sure to have them count out loud for you and practice their numbers!

MAKE IT MORE FUN! Add mint extract to the white paint to make the smiles smell minty fresh!

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