Tooth Friendly Foods

Did you know that every time your children have a snack, the cavity-causing bacteria in their mouths have one, too? When mom and dad choose tooth-friendly foods, the risk for cavities, obesity, and diabetes goes down significantly. Increase the little ones’ odds for a cavity-free check-up with the following snack-time favorites: Water or milk. A major contributor to childhood obesity in the United States, soda is high in sugar and caffeine. Juice and sports drinks aren’t much of an improvement, loaded as they are with sugar and artificial colors. Instead, choose water or milk for essential hydration and nutrition. Fresh or frozen fruits. Kids need 1 to 2 cups of fruits a day. The vitamins in fruits are good for the teeth, while high water content helps dilute the effect of naturally occurring sugars. Choose fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried fruits as opposed to dried fruits that stick to the teeth. Dairy treats. The calcium in dairy helps maintain strong bones, build strong teeth, and protect against tooth decay. Rather than letting them open an unhealthy bag of nacho chips, offer fresh cheese, yogurt, or cottage cheese as a yummy alternative. Crunchy veggies. Finger foods like carrots and celery are packed with vitamin A, helping the kids maintain resilient tooth enamel. As a bonus, crunching stimulates their gums and promotes saliva production. Low-sugar cereals. Sugar abounds in breakfast cereals. Choose low-sugar cereals instead, and while you’re in this aisle, skip chewy granola bars in favor of plain crackers. Jell-O. Kids love Jell-O so much, they’ll gladly sidestep candy for this tooth-friendly treat.




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