Tooth Healthy Foods

  • Tooth healthy foods are low in sugar and high in fiber and nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meat, beans, and whole grain breads and pastas.
  • Tooth unhealthy foods are starchy and high in sugar, such as crackers, dried fruit, chips, and cookies, as well as juice and soda pop.
  • Eating “tooth unhealthy foods” creates an acid that attacks teeth.
  • Continual snacking on tooth unhealthy foods or drinking juice or soda causes repeated acid attacks. Repeated acid attacks cause cavities.
  • It is important to eat meals and snacks at regularly scheduled times. This reduces the number of acid attacks on teeth.
  • Limit “tooth unhealthy foods” for special days or occasions.
  • When a pregnant woman snacks frequently to ease nausea or other pregnancy issues, encourage her to rinse with water after eating.



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