Types of Teeth

Did you know that there are about twenty teeth in your mouth by age two that eventually grow to thirty-two teeth as an adult? Yes, thirty-two! Every set of teeth have a specific function. Let’s take a brief walk-thru of each type of tooth.


  • Used for cutting and chopping food
  • These are your two front teeth and the teeth on either side of them
  • You have four on the top and four on the bottom


  • Used mainly for shredding food
  • These are the two pointy teeth beside the incisors, both on the top and bottom


  • Perfect for crushing and grinding food
  • There are four on the top and four on the bottom, providing a total of eight premolars
  • These are the stronger, larger teeth located behind your canines


  • Behind your premolars are your primary molars
  • Once again, there are eight of them in total with four on the top and four on the bottom
  • These are the strongest teeth in your mouth, even stronger than premolars
  • Since they are located furthest to the back, they work with your tongue to help you swallow food



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