6 Surprising Cavity Fighters

Whether you are bound for the calorie-free foods or the sweet and sticky, you’d be surprised at the kind of things your local grocery can offer in the way of cavity fighters. Sometimes the most unlikely foods can turn out to have oral benefits that you’d never expect. Here are a few we thought were especially interesting:

Chocolate – The main ingredient in chocolate, the husk of the cocoa bean, contain an antibacterial agent that actually counteracts harmful oral bacteria, preventing tooth decay.

Cheese – Teeth are partially made up of calcium, and cheese has been shown to increase the levels of calcium in the mouth, leading some researchers to believe it can actually help your teeth counteract the effects of tooth decay.

Chewing Gum – Chewing gums in today’s convenience stores all seem to be sugar-free, which makes them a great way to avoid cavities. However, it’s the new sweet stuff in gum, xylitol, that has actually been found to fight cavities by way of neutralizing bacteria.

Green Tea – Green tea has long been considered beneficial to your health, but studies have recently found it’s even good for your teeth, controlling the levels of bacteria in your mouth to help stop tooth decay and gum disease.

Hard Candy – Probably the most surprising of all, modern-day hard candy can actually prevent the bacteria from causing tooth decay, because, just like gum, it’s now made from xylitol, which has begun to replaced traditional sugars.

Straws – Though it’s not exactly a food, straws CAN help prevent cavities through the simple, but useful act of bypassing your teeth and gums. This is primarily effective when drinking sugary drinks like juice or soda, but the fact remains: the less food touches your teeth, the less cavities you’ll develop!



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