Getting Children to Brush

One of the major lessons for any child is learning how to effectively and regularly brush their teeth. It’s a lot to take on and remember at a young age, but it’s an important part of growing up and being independent. That means, it usually falls on the parent to teach and reinforce healthy brushing habits. There are many ways to go about getting your kid to brush his or her teeth, but these are some of the methods that we think are most effective in doing so.

Start at 2 years old to ensure your child learns the importance of brushing at an early age. The sooner they start to accept it as part of their routine, the sooner your kids will find brushing comes more naturally, leaving you with less fuss and more brush.

Demonstrate and participate in brushing. Doing it together can help teach your child the proper etiquette. When they are able to see and mimic you, your child will quickly learn just how to apply their toothpaste, how long to brush for, and how to rinse their mouth, all things that encourage independent brushing.

Make brushing a game by having a contest to see who can brush their teeth the best. You can also hold time trials to see if they can last 2 minutes or more, or put on some music and brush to the beat!

Give them a choice in toothbrush color and toothpaste brand. This helps them get involved in the learning process and take more of an interest in the activity. Once they get used to their routine, they can also start to choose the order in which they brush, floss, or swish with mouthwash, giving them further independence in their newly developed skill.



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