Reasons to Brush!

With the aid of dental floss, and mouthwash is brushing twice a day still necessary? Absolutely. In fact, twice is the minimum number of brushing recommended by the American Dental Association brushing after every meal is even better. Here are five reasons why the old-fashioned or electric-powered toothbrush remains an essential part of the morning and evening routines. They are great motivators to keep the fingers pointing to the bathroom sink when the little ones insist on going straight to bed. BACTERIA BUILDS UP! Food particles accumulate in the mouth every time you have something to eat. The acids produced as bacteria break down eventually cause damage to the enamel. Don’t give bacteria a 24-hour free pass! Brushing twice a day dramatically reduces the amount of time bacteria can build up on your kids’ teeth. Also, because the cleansing benefit of saliva production decreases at night, brushing before bed is even more important.TARTAR HARDENS! Tartar is one reason why professional cleanings are necessary. Tartar, or calcified plaque, is no match for the ordinary toothbrush. But the ordinary toothbrush is an every day superhero in the sense that using it regularly removes plaque – before it has the chance to harden. PROTECT YOUR GUMS, PROTECT YOUR HEART! Who doesn’t love a good massage? Treat your gums to one each time you brush. Brushing along the gum line is just as important as brushing the surface of the teeth. Research shows that periodontal disease can lead to a range of other problems, from cardiovascular disease and bone degeneration to tooth shifting and sensitivity. FRESH BREATH! Do your kids know the meaning of halitosis? If so, its mere mention probably inspires a scrunched-up face and the expression: “eww.” No one wants bad breath. Brushing twice a day helps maintain a fresh mouth, contributing to a boost in confidence and feelings of well-being.



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