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5 Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

 The Difference Let’s face it – for some in past years visiting the dentist wasn’t the most fairy tale experience.  Put your mind to[…]

Teeth Grinding Is For All Ages

What’s The Harm? Teeth grinding can cause fractring, loosening, or loss of teeth. It can even wear your teeth down to nearly nothing. In this[…]

How Healthy Are Your Gums?

How often do you think about the health of your gums? Most people assume their gums are healthy and don’t think too much of it.[…]

Smiling Can Go A Long Way

Smiling is something most people do without even thinking about it most of the time. You might smile at a familiar face, something that you[…]

Tooth-Friendly Holiday Foods

Easter is slowly approaching and with that comes increased pressure to eat sugary and stain-causing foods. However, you can refrain from indulging in these snacks and[…]

Whitening Toothpaste: Why It May Not Be Effective

Let’s face it, we all want the whitest teeth possible. But have you been trying the hardest to get those desired results that aren’t apparent[…]

Toothbrush History 101

So first things first; when was the toothbrush even invented? Our teeth-cleansing friend was first created all the way back in 3000 BC! But this[…]

What Your Teeth Say About You

You might be surprised how your teeth can tell a little story about you. It all depends on their shape to reveal a little bit[…]

Dr. Verwest recognized in “America’s Best Dentist” 2018

The National Consumer Advisory Board has named Pediatric Dentistry of Florida, Dr. Tim M. Verwest, DMD one of America’s Best Dentist for 2018. This prestigious[…]

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