What Your Teeth Say About You

You might be surprised how your teeth can tell a little story about you. It all depends on their shape to reveal a little bit about your personality! So here are the different types of teeth and the traits they carry along with them:

Square teeth: Represent an orderly, very calm, and in-control personality. These guys have strengths in their decision making skills and ambition.

Oval teeth: Represent the very artsy and creative personalities. These guys have a great sense of style with their appearance. They might be shy at times but very organized.

Rectangular teeth: Represent the chatty and sociable personalities. Not only are their communication skills in-tact, but they also are very imaginative and always have new ideas to bring to the table.

Triangular teeth: Represent the free spirits who know how to have a good time and are very optimistic. They are known for living in the present and taking chances.

So keep on smiling and be proud and happy of who you and your teeth are!



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