Toothbrush History 101

So first things first; when was the toothbrush even invented? Our teeth-cleansing friend was first created all the way back in 3000 BC! But this is not the toothbrush we use today. Back then, these toothbrushes were made with thin, frayed twigs at the end that were known as “chew sticks” that would rub against your teeth. To soften these bristles, people would normally chew on them until satisfied with the softness of the ends. Pretty crazy, huh?

Our modern-day toothbrush was first born in the month of February of 1938. Before nylon bristles we currently use, bristles were made out of coarse pig neck hairs stemming all the way back to 1498 in China! The reason why we evolved into using nylon bristles were influenced by the practice of good oral hygiene habits from soldiers of World War II. We’ve come a long way to forming a great teeth-cleansing tool that keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape. Who knows whats yet to come for us in the future!



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