When Should You Make Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment?

The first trip to the dentist comes a lot sooner than you might think.  Doesn’t it feel like baby just popped out and now he already has appointments?!  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) recommends that children visit the dentist by age 1 or within 6 months of the first tooth erupting at the very latest.

Unfortunately, most kids in the US don’t see the dentist until well over 2.5 years old, according to a study conducted by Delta Dental Plans Association.  Furthermore, 34% of kids under the age of 11 haven’t EVER been to a dentist.

To some parents, a baby’s little gnashers just don’t seem important.  After all, they’ll just fall out eventually.  But in the meantime, baby teeth help children learn to chew properly, speak well, and save space for permanent teeth.



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